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Landscape Design

Where it all begins 

We have a C.A.D (Computer Aided Design) service that we can design your dream garden, whether you are doing the work yourself or needing us to do it professionally.  We can design a garden to suit your needs. Using our extensive experience of the local area and climate we will ensure that your new garden incorporates all the aspects that are required to have a great garden that suits your property and lifestyle.

Our designs can include everything from a complete 3D flythrough to drafted scaled site plans, such as planting plans with species info and reference pictures, 3D drawings of features,  surface layouts, detail drawings of features to suit your specific design

Designs can range in cost depending of the amount of detail required and time taken to design.  We quote design works based on details of each project

Why do I need a design?

Giving your garden some thought before you put your shovel in the ground makes so much sense on so many levels. Having a well thought out design allows you to put some thought into what you need from the garden what you are likely to use it for

  • What are your access points and will they be obstructed?

  • Where the irrigation is coming from.

  • What underground services do I need to avoid

  • What will happen to the area when the kids grow up

  • Do I need to screen off any areas

  • Am I going to live here for a long time or is the property going to be rented.

  • will I need vehicle access to any areas.

The list is endless, these are just some of the many things to think about when considering an outdoor construction project

Bloomin Deserts landscaping and pools alice springs, leisure pools harmony model 6

Does this sound familiar?

“we have a long weekend so we should do some work in the garden, lets do the area by the front door”

So you spend a large amount of  pineapples on materials and all weekend (or two) killing yourself on the end of a shovel only to realize after living with it for a while that the area probably should have had a path through it, or wont fit with the rest of the garden.

Regardless of whether you plan to do the work yourself or if you want it completed by our professional team; If you have a design you can ensure that each area works with all other areas, that everything you want included in your garden will fit together and then you can chip away at smaller projects knowing that you wont be wasting money redoing them in the future. 

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